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syrai aka syrainator
13 July 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Hey guys! Miss me? :D I sure as hell have missed all of you and writing, too. I know, it's been forever. Quite literally...

Well, this is where I stand now:

I haven't been able to write anything for two years. I've no excuses; I simply could not write. Everytime I sat down and tried, I got nothing out. The more I tried, the bigger the block got.

Lately my mind has been flooding with ideas, again. Truthfully, the ideas never stopped flooding, been thinking all sorts of plot bunnies for two years now, but it seems I just can't get anywhere with them when it comes to writing. Thinking, planning, mapping out the whole story - that I can do but whenever I sit down to write, it's like all my ideas either disappear or I feel they're just not good enough. Or then I simply don't know where to start.

That's the problem, really. I can't start. Know what I mean? Any helpful tips, anyone?

I'm trying to get back to it, slowly, though I make no promises. The piece I just posted, I've had most of the fic lying on my computer and I've desperately been trying to make it better as well as continue it. I realized this way, I'm never gonna get anywhere. I need to make some decisions before I can move forward with any of my fics and secondly, I need to get over my guilt and fears of not being good enough.

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Edited to add some fics I'd forgotten :)
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syrai aka syrainator
FANDOM: X-Men (pre-X2)
RATING: Pretty PG (for now). Just some language.
WARNINGS: none that I know of
PAIRING: Rogue/Pyro, implied Rogue/Bobby
SUMMARY: How such a smart and calm grown man can be so easily turned into a creature resembling more like a horny teenager never stops amazing her. The power of alcohol, clearly.
PROMPT: #010 writer's choice, originally written for 50scenes
A/N: I've never ever attempted to write anything like this (read: funny or humorous) because really, I feel at home only when it's dark or angst or, you know, smuttish. This is totally new to me so be gentle, 'kay? And just so you know, I wouldn't even be attempting this, either, if it wasn't for spfizz and her little wacky prompt (here). So, yes, really, blame her (especially for the singing trout, I had nothing to do with it)! I'm the victim here; the innocent person trying to finish her prompt table, that's all. Seriously speaking, though, even if I don't manage to "make you laugh boisterously until you fall off your chair" I hope I still made you smile a little... since holy fucking hell, I tried my best without trying too much *huffs*
--- For those who are still patiently waiting for my UNVEILED update... it's taking forever and I'm so so so sorry. I simply haven't been inspired to write it and I don't want to update that story with an update that I'm not content with. It deserves more than that, so... consider this to be my attempt to kick my writer's block's ass!
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and you know it.

Hey, check out this new comm called fanoncouples, you know you want to ;D

syrai aka syrainator
12 December 2010 @ 02:29 pm

My fiction-related rants will most likely be continued there (Not saying I won't continue them here, too!) :)
syrai aka syrainator
terminator: the sarah connor chronicles/fight club. john/riley. R; slight sexual references (underage) & violence & some bad language. about 2545 words :: It smells like violence and faith, like blind belief. Like a new, different kind of future.

syrai aka syrainator
07 June 2008 @ 02:10 pm
So, alright, here goes nothing. So far I've completed, um, *counts*, 16 of my 50 X-MEN: ROGUE/PYRO prompts (that you can find here) which basically means I still have a whole lot of scenes to write... Yes, I'm only realizing it now.

This is where (and why) you, hopefully, will step in and help me out a little.

I fear I'll end up repeating myself and that stupid fear always leads to the bitchiest writer's block - so, I need as many new possible scenarios to play around with as you can come up with! If you have any ideas for a ryro scene, be it smuttish, character study, totally AU or a missing scene ---- whatever, now's the time to tell me! Any scene you'd like to see written, share!

You can be as detailed as you want, give me a quote to use, a plot bunny (just note that as they're for 50scenes I can't write anything but scenes of a sort) to ponder upon or simply a direction to follow.

I'll pick the ones I want to try and write and we'll go from there :) Also, after reading the shit spfizz just threw at my face, I feel the need to make it perfectly clear that I'm allowed to rape your prompt to any form and shape I want and you have no say on it, alright? So, yeah.

If no one decides to help me out, I swear I'll not only cry a lot, but send all kinds of hellhounds after you people. 'Kay?

syrai aka syrainator
STATUS: 1/1 aka standalone
WORD COUNT: about 4600
WARNINGS: rated just for the language
PAIRING: Rogue/Pyro
SUMMARY: What if Rogue's answer to the infamous question asked by John in the jet before taking off, had not been the timid silence that it was, but a firm "no" instead? What if she'd gone with him?
PROMPT: #036 ideal for 50scenes
A/N: I have no excuses other than that a bitchy writer's block hit me and I had to find a way to break free from the damned thing. Obviously, this is the path I chose and hopefully you guys will like it. The title was inspired by Eels' "Novocaine for the soul" because it's one pretty song and well, that's that. I am exhausted and half blind now, I swear. Comments feed my muse!!
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and the last time I checked, I got no money out of this, either. Even the 'homo sapiens' line belongs to Magneto who said it or something like it in X-Men 1.

Oh, btw - check out fanoncouples ;D

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syrai aka syrainator
02 June 2008 @ 07:11 pm
I put together a master list of envenom characters - mainly to explain how I view my original characters physically, which is why I seriously tried to find people that represent the images I have of these characters in my head. The list is also for some clarity; to help you keep track of the changing leads. I will add characters whenever new ones pop up in the fics.

syrai aka syrainator
29 May 2008 @ 03:25 pm
I am (sort of) DONE moving stuff to zeskimo ^^; so yes, all you who fancy my icons and whatnot, go friend/join the community :) there will be NO MORE ICONS posted to this journal, ever. I have deleted all the icon entries that I moved to the new community and it nearly made me cry because I lost all the wonderful comments :( I hope to get them back one of these days, hee. This journal still contains some old icon posts, but I'm not sure whether I'll ever move them, so.

Anyways, hopefully I'll see you there! ♥
syrai aka syrainator
SERIES: none
PG-13 (just for the language, I suppose)
WORD COUNT: about 1311
PAIRING: Rogue/Pyro
SUMMARY: Because in her head, it wasn't about right and wrong then. It was just about being together.
043 entwined {for 50scenes}
SEQUEL to those 50 sentences (and to EPSILON series) that I wrote for 1sentence
I don't know. It's just something I wrote. Either you get what I'm trying to say here or you don't. Do tell me what you think, though. Btw, should the rating be simple PG? I never know.
AND: infiticus rocks a lot.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the X-Men, I just play around with them.

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syrai aka syrainator
23 March 2008 @ 02:00 am
TITLE: Somnolence (it’s all about banked embers)
FANDOM: X-Men {post X3}
SERIES: UNVEILED (4/5) {after winter in my heart}
RATING: PG (i think?)
WORD COUNT: about 1800
WARNINGS: some bad language, is all
PAIRING: (implied) Rogue/Pyro
SUMMARY: It also worries him, a little, because there’s always been only one thing in the whole world that has ever managed to calm his nerves like nothing else - and it has always, always been fire. Just fire. Up until now, it would seem.
PROMPT: 032 doll; written for 50scenes

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