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-is pretty much based on the rare belief that your friends list is for you and mine is for me. Anyways, this journal includes stuff like fan fictions & fic rants. More info below:

Can I friend you?
Yes, sure, go ahead if you want to read my stuff. Just note that this isn't my personal journal (that would be syrainator) (where the fandom-related rants live these days) nor is this my graphics journal anymore (zeskimo is). You don't have to comment or anything to tell me you've added me so don't worry, you can lurk all you want ^^; If you're here to read my fics, I would naturally appreciate a tiny lil comment here and there, but no one's forcing your arm.

Will you add me back?
No, just because you add me doesn't automatically mean I'll add you. Of course, if you're here to read my fic-related rants (read more here) then I'll have to. Other than that, with this journal I basically only add graphics/fic-related journals that interest me. If I add your journal (especially if I do it without commenting), it's simply because I enjoy it and I do not expect you to feel the same about my journal, nor do I expect you to add me back. You can of course :)

Why have you unfriended me/my graphics journal?
Just because. It's nothing personal though, I just like to keep my f-list organized :) Plus, I have the habit of sailing through fandoms so perhaps we don't share that much common interests anymore? I friend and unfriend depending on my mood -- it also means that I won't cry and weep if you decide to unfriend me.

Crossposting to Facebook/etc?
Sure, if you feel like it - go ahead and make my day ;D

Fic journals, sure :)

I have a question?
Then comment here and ask away.



-there will be no more icon posts in this journal, but since I'm not deleting all the icon posts I've made in the past, I shall let these rules stay here (for now) :)

YKSI: every mood theme/icon/whatever I have made will remain PUBLIC. Some of my stuff is being moved to zeskimo though, mainly the kind of crap I want to keep :)

KAKSI: If you find something old of mine that you like CREDIT charming_syrai -- in your keywords when it comes to icons and in your profile/resources post/whatever when it comes to other stuff, thank you very much.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

KOLME: I do not allow HOTLINKING. NO EDITING my stuff either unless you're given permission to do so. If you want to edit something of mine, ASK.

There, all done now.
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